Thriving With ADHD Podcast: ADHD & Executive Functions – Busting the “Laziness” Myth

Welcome to Thriving with ADHD dear ADHD community. We are back with a new episode and this time we are talking about ADHD and Executive functions with MacKenzie Kirchner, a PA-C at Animo Sano Psychiatry.

Stay tuned as we’ll be discussing:

  1. What executive functions are and how are they  impacted by ADHD?
  2. How do challenges with executive functions manifest in both children and adults with ADHD?
  3. What are some strategies or interventions that can help improve executive functioning skills in individuals with ADHD?
  4. How to approach the stigma surrounding ADHD and encourage a more supportive environment for individuals with this condition?
  5. Recent developments or research findings in the field of ADHD and executive functioning that offer hope or new directions for treatment and understanding

Executive Functions Questionnaire

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