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What makes ADHD treatment in Animo Sano Psychiatry


Evidence-based questionaries to get the true baseline condition

Data monitoring is crucial in Animo Sano’s ADHD management. That’s why we apply brief, evidence-based questionaries to get a true picture of the patient’s condition.

Comprehensive evaluations - quality care that doesn’t compromise

One of the biggest challenges that the healthcare system is facing right now is a conflict of goals. On the one hand, payors aim to drive down costs by minimizing reimbursement and on the other hand, providers are trying to maximize revenue. The end result is harm to patients.

Providers end up spending less time with patients and payors minimize reimbursement. Animo Sano Psychiatry has no interest in providing low-quality care. We maintain transparency in our rates and our mission. We strive to constantly exceed our patients’ expectations.

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Communication, evidence-based management, and help with the choice of the treatment that best fits patient’s needs.

Animo Sano does more than provide a diagnosis and treatment recommendations. We spend time with our patients to truly walk them through their diagnosis (based on a comprehensive evaluation), we walk through all the available treatment options, the costs, and benefits of each, and recommend and work with patients on the treatment(s) that is best for them.

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Monitoring & follow up

After discussing diagnosis and treatment plans, we work to develop a monitoring strategy that ensures we get patients to a point where their treatment goals are met as safely and quickly as possible. That means using questionnaires to track patient progress when they’re not in the clinic and following up with a frequency that is appropriate to their condition and phase of treatment. Initially, that means every 2-4 weeks, but once a patient is stable we can extend to every 3-12 months depending on the patient's stability and preference.

Medication, Therapy, and More

After your evaluation, we will work together to develop a treatment plan that’s right for you. Often times that entails using medication. Fortunately, of all mental health conditions, ADHD happens to be the most responsive mental health condition to treatment with medication. That means we tend to see rapid symptom improvements for patients. Medication, however, is not the only intervention available. Should you be open to doing so, we are happy to work with you to continue developing your toolbox of behavioral and psychological skills to tackle the challenges of ADHD and everyday life. These could be interventions as simple as keeping time tracking tools in your working space through to changes in your diet and exercise routines.



No one likes answering machines. Animo Sano provides all patients with access to a number that goes to our phone and to a manned 24-hour staff line. Our staff are there to answer any simple questions you have regarding the clinic and to help you schedule the soonest visit available for care.

Patients are more than a diagnosis

All our patients come in seeking care for symptoms that are causing problems in their life and we aim to help them achieve that goal. That said, we pride ourselves in helping our patients achieve more than just their clinical care goals, but also in identifying their family, social, spiritual, physical, educational, and occupational goals. For patients who are interested, we work with them to develop a strategy that moves them towards those goals.


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