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Animo Sano Psychiatry
ADHD Diagnostics, Medication, and Therapy

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Our mission is to deliver the best-in-class solution for high-quality accessible ADHD care. We accomplish this by ensuring our patients receive comprehensive evaluations, are monitored through evidence based outcome measures, and have regular follow ups according to their needs.


Build a “One-stop-shop” for all things ADHD:
  • Comprehensive Clinical Evaluations Consistent with ALL current national guidelines addressing ADHD diagnostics.
  • Evidence based medication management
  •  Weaving therapy, coaching, and psycho-education in all our sessions.
  • Individual and group therapy (coming soon!)
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How we partner with providers?

Collaborative Mindset:

Ever find yourself wondering about the patients you referred? We aim to develop a collaborative care informed solution for ADHD. That means well timed progress updated of your patient when changes are made and a clear care plan if you want to take over their care after our initial evaluation.

Our Patient Care Process

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Telehealth Driven

It is the 21st century and as long as it is clinically appropriate, patient's should be able to see their provider from the comfort of their own home, private office space, or garden patio! That's why we offer telehealth services to all.
Evening Availability: Our patients have busy lives and we have the schedule to accommodate. We offer evening availability for those who need it.

In-network With Major Payors

Our goal is to be accessible. We are constantly expanding our payor network. Here is a list of the payors we are currently in-network with. We are happy to provide superbills for patients who are out of network.

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Expert Driven Comprehensive Evaluations

We eat, drink, and sleep all things ADHD. But expertise alone is not enough. Even the greatest experts can err particularly when provided with brief periods to evaluate their patients. That's why our team schedules hour long initial intakes and does not rush to make diagnoses. We pride ourselves in ensuring that we do right by our patients by not leaving any clinical stone unturned during our evaluations.

A Measurement-based Care Informed Process

There is plenty of evidence to suggest that patient outcomes improve when augmenting encounters with measurement-based care tools. Currently we utilize and track patient reported outcome measures to ensure we are keeping our finger on the pulse of the patients symptoms. These measures are filled asynchronously by our patients from the comfort of their own home.

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Excited about what we are doing and want to partner with or join our team? Looking to consult with an ADHD expert? Just want to offer feedback? Click below to have someone contact you from our partner engagement team.

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