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What is ADHD, How Do You Treat It, and How Do I get Care

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Looking to learn more about ADHD? Below are some great resources:

  1. ADHD tools and tricks for ADHD patients – useful tips for patients with ADHD created by our PA-C Sarah “Sally” Creekmore.
  2. Diet and ADHD – a useful nutritional resource with the things to do and things to avoid by our Maddison Henley MMSc, PA-C
  3. ADDITUDE Magazine: whether you are looking to learn more about ADHD, find providers near you, or join a webinar or two this is a great place to start.
  4. CDC material on ADHD: here the CDC does a great job defining the diagnosis, co-morbidities, treatment, and sharing some population-level information about ADHD.
  5. Adult ADHD, what are the symptoms? This is a great article written by the Mayo clinic.
  6. Could my child have ADHD? ADDITUDE addresses what to look for in this article.
  7. Why it’s important to treat ADHD? If you are comfortable reading scientific articles then this is a good one on the impact of ADHD. When untreated ADHD has many consequences that result in significant suffering. This is why I am so passionate about the treatment of this disorder.
  8. Motivation tips for ADHD:
  9. Cannabis and ADHD: Source 1 and Source 2
  10. Alcohol use disorder and ADHD: Source 1 and Source 2
  11. Binge eating and ADHD: Source 1 and Source 2

Based on the current research there is no question that the most effective treatment for ADHD is medication, but that does not mean that medication is the only treatment. Some patients are also just not comfortable with starting medication. Here are some excellent resources on treatment options for ADHD: 

  1. A general primer on the different treatments for ADHD. This is written by the National Health Services in the United Kingdom. Note that the UK does not have as many stimulant options as we do in the United States, but this document is still a good place to start reading about the treatment options. 
  2. Dr. Larry Silver’s report on the different ADHD medications. Here Dr. Silver’s covers many of the available ADHD medications we use here in the United States. 
  3. Therapy, ADHD Coaching, Neurofeedback, and more. This article briefly addresses each of the non-pharmacologic treatments available for ADHD. 
  4. Some good ADDITUDE recommendations about exercise and diet.
  5. A Nurse’s ADHD Resource Library by CEUFast, Inc. with a comprehensive list of ADHD useful links.
  6. ADHD Medication: Common Misconceptions About Stimulants – Education for Patients and Providers – Written by our PA-C Maddison Henley, this article is explaining some common misconceptions about Stimulant medication and why this type of medicine is a cornerstone of ADHD treatment.

  7. Time2Refocus – ADHD friendly products.
  8. ADHD and Dental Care

Here are some Apps that my patients have found helpful throughout their journey.

  1. Headspace or Smiling Mind. These are two different apps that you can use for mindfulness-based training.
  2. Todoist. This is a task organization tool that many of my patients find helpful. The goal with this tool is to make sure that you take small steps. Do not get lost in the trap of using task organization as a distraction from the task itself. 
  3. CBT-i Coach. If you are one of the many individuals with ADHD who also has trouble taking control of your sleep this is an app for you. Setting aside the clunky user interface CBT-i Coach is an app based on sound CBT-i techniq

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