Collaborative Care is:

  • An evidence-based multicomponent intervention designed to provide behavioral health care treatment to patients in the primary care setting
  • Allows for integrative care between primary care providers, care managers, behavioral health specialists, and patients
  • Provides a patient centered and team-based approach to behavioral health treatment 
  • Proven to be effective in improving patients behavioral health and medical outcomes, while reducing the overall cost of care to patients
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Purpose is to:

  • Increases access to evidence-based behavioral health treatments
  • Improve patient outcomes
  • Increase patient satisfaction
  • Increases physician satisfaction
  • Reduce health care cost
  • To assist PCPs in providing behavioral health care treatments to patients

How can ASP-CCM help a primary care practice:

  • Tracks and demonstrates improvement in your patients’ clinical outcomes
  • Provides reliable psychiatric expertise and support to all physicians in the practice
  • Will reduce the number of visits a patient needs to come in for behavioral health problems
  • Reduces the number of patients needing to be referred to psychiatry for direct patient care
  • Improves patient health outcomes
  • Improves patient satisfaction 
  • Improves physician satisfaction
  • Reduces physician burnout and turnover
  • Reduces healthcare cost
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What are the primary care clinic’s responsibilities when engaging with the ASP-CCM:

  • Screen ALL patients for depression and anxiety with the PHQ-9 and GAD-7 screening tools
  • Refer appropriate patients with a positive screen to the ASP-CCM program
  • Provide behavioral health treatments as recommended and decided amongst the team
  • Engage with the behavioral health care managers about active patients
  • See patients for follow up care in a timely manner while they are active in the ASP-CCM program
  • Contact Animo Sano Psychiatry for support
  • Bill collaborative care codes to appropriate prayers for patient care time

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