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Our mission is to be the best-in-class provider of high-quality and accessible ADHD care. Our vision is to become a one-stop shop for all things ADHD.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are in network with Medicare, BCBS, Humana, United Healthcare/Optum Health, Tricare, and  and also accept “self-pay” and patients with “out of network” benefits; for patients that have confirmed their  “out of network,” benefits with their insurance company, we are happy to provide an appropriate “superbill” record for you to share with your insurance so that you can seek reimbursement for your visit/s. We recommend contacting your insurance directly to ensure your benefits allow you to seek services from an “out of network” mental health  provider office.

For patients with Cigna, Oscar Health, or Oxford Health: While we are not “in network” with these insurers, we do have an agreement with Headway, and can see patients in our practice if the patient registers through the Headway platform – please contact our main number at 919-391-7202 for further assistance if you have the above noted insurance. 

In the event that a patient may need to provide their insurance company with our providers’ NPI #’s, here they are:

Mina Bozoak, MD, NPI # 1104209329

Sarah Creekmore, PA-C, NPI # 1992277560

Pamela Campbell, PA-C, # 1609890664

Maddison Henley, PA-C, #1093381774

Kelly Pruitt Sheppard, LCMHC, # 1962172916

While we specialize in ADHD care we have expertise in the management of all mental health conditions. We commonly work with patients suffering from anxiety disorders, depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), and sleep disorders.

It is important to note that In our diagnostic approach to ADHD, we do not  perform neuropsychiatric testing. If neuropsychiatric testing is necessary we will work with you to find a provider in your area.

Yes, we are accepting new patients. All adolescent (14 and older) and adult patients seeking mental health care are welcome at our clinic.

Documents can be sent via fax at 919-391-7203 or via email at drboazak@animosanopsychiatry.com

Lyra Health – Lyra Health is a mental health benefits company that contracts with employer organizations that offer mental health benefit services to their employees. Inquire with your companies human resources department to determine if they contract with Lyra Health

Quartet Health – Quartet Health is a free platform for consumers and providers to link patients with mental health care. Patients can sign up for free and search their database for a mental health provider. Some primary care clinicians utilize the Quartet Health Platform to make and track mental health referrals to providers in the Quartet directory.

Headway – Headway is a consumer driven marketplace for mental healthcare. Use of the platform is free; patients can sign up and enter their insurance information and search for providers that are ‘IN NETWORK” with Headways insurance contracts, even if their mental health provider may not be “in network.” For example, if your insurance is Oscar Health, or Cigna, you can sign up on the Headway platform and see our providers, even though Animo Sano Psychiatry may not be “in network” with Oscar or Cigna insurance.

ZocDoc – ZocDoc is a marketplace for consumers to search for local healthcare providers that take their insurance. Animo Sano Psychiatry has a partnership with ZocDoc to leverage their technology, to help match patients with the right doctors and clinicians. Patients can register as a patient with Animo Sano Psychiatry and schedule their appointments through the ZocDoc link located on our website here.

For MD/DO (Psychiatry) Providers: 

  • Initial Evaluation 60 -75 minutes –  $499
  • Non-complex, follow up appointment –  $199
  • Complex, follow up appointment  – $299

For Advanced Practice Providers (Nurse Practitioner/Physician Assistant:

  • Initial Evaluation 60 -75 minutes  – $299
  • Non-complex, follow up appointments – $119
  • Complex, follow up appointments –  $199
  • The main difference between an MD (Medical Doctor)/ DO (Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine) and Advanced Practice Providers (APP)  is training. MD/DO’s go to medical school, whereas APP’s have advanced degrees as a Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant. We are confident in the training and competency of our providers, but also recognize that some patients may prefer to see one provider type over another.
  • YES, absolutely, all of our providers are trained to diagnose and manage patients for all mental health conditions, such as ADHD/ADD, depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, sleep disorders, etc.
  • All patients of Animo Sano Psychiatry receive an invite to create a secure, patient portal account, where they will receive information on how to sign into their telehealth appointments. Patients can also connect directly to the Animo Sano Psychiatry telehealth site by visiting the secure telehealth link at: aspsychiatry.doxy.me  –  Once logged in, patients can select their provider from a drop down menu, then select “enter room” and the provider will start the virtual visit when they are pready. 

Typically, if you want to be transferred from an MD provider to an APP after your first visit, this is possible unless your case is particularly complex. You are also welcome to request a switch from an APP provider to an MD provider.

You can expect for the consent, policy forms, and online questionnaires to show up in your patient portal within 3 days of your visit. This allows us to get a sense of how things are as close to the time of your visit as possible.

During their initial intake/registration, all patients receive an email invite to our secure, patient portal, where they can pay their bill, view upcoming appointment dates and times, and complete any forms assigned to them by their provider. The portal is designed for a user friendly experience and patients can select certain tabs and follow the prompts for step by step instructions. For assistance in navigating in the portal you can ask your provider or contact our office directly at 919-391-7202.

Animo Sano Psychiatry is licensed in North Carolina to provide services as a group psychiatry practice to residents of North Carolina.

We are happy to see patients via telehealth and in-person as well. Please email us at info@animosanopsychiatry.com to schedule an in-person visit

Are you a North Carolina or Georgia resident who is interested in ADHD evaluation or care? Schedule a consultation or give us a call at 919-391-7202.

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