Thriving With ADHD Podcast: Impact of Nutrition on ADHD and Comorbid Conditions With Stefanie Solomon, PA-C

Welcome back to Thriving with ADHD. This episode sees us engage in an important conversation with PA-C Stephanie Solomon from Animo Sano Psychiatry. Our focus? The significant impact of diet and nutrition on ADHD and associated conditions such as depression, anxiety, and OCD among others. 

Here are some of the topics we’ll be  talking about in this episode:

1. Can diet significantly influence ADHD and other comorbid conditions? If so, how does this tie into Nutritional Psychiatry? 
2. Stephanie will share her insights on critical vitamins and minerals that contribute to a healthy brain and vibrant mental health. What should we look out for, and in which foods can we find a hefty dose of these essentials? 
3. Which foods might aggravate ADHD and associated conditions, and why? Stephanie helps us understand these potential triggers.
4. We explore the fascinating connection between our gut and our brain, especially regarding our mental health. How does diet factor into this?
5. Are there differences in how various diets- from Mediterranean to Keto to vegetarian – impact our body and mental health?
6. To overcome barriers to accessing healthy food, what strategies can we employ? Stephanie offers some practical tips.

Tune in and prepare for an informative session.

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