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A Warm Welcome to Pamela Campbell & Kelly “Zoe” Pruitt, Our New Physician Assistant and Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Animo Sano Psychiatry is growing! We’re excited to welcome two new clinicians to the practice! Pamela Campbell, Physician Assistant, and Kelly “Zoe” Pruitt, Licensed Mental Health Counselor. Both Pamela and Kelly have been actively part of the behavioral health community here in North Carolina for many years. We sat down with each of them recently to get to know them better. See our “Welcome” blog post about Pamela and Kelly here:

Pamela Campbell, Physician Assistant

Pamela Campbell1. What words of wisdom do you live by?

“Greatness is not found in possessions, power, position, or prestige.  It is in goodness, humility, service, and character.”

2. Tell us something about you that most people may not know?

Outside of work, I am actually quite introverted.

3. Share a recent “proud moment.” 

Watching my beautiful daughter graduate from high school, not only to be recognized for her academic achievements, but also her good-heartedness towards others.

4. What inspired you to pursue a career in mental healthcare and what brought you to Animo Sano Psychiatry?

I have always felt a love for medicine and view my career as a privilege to help others. I’ve witnessed the effects mental health can impose not only on the patient, but also their families and the many aspects of their lives. I found the commitment to quality, individualized patient care provided by Animo Sano Psychiatry inspiring and empowering to  the success of self-sustaining skills and life stabilization for patients under their care.

Kelly “Zoe” Pruitt, Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Kelly Sheppard1. What motivates you?

Watching my therapy clients grow and achieve their goals motivates me. Listening to them talk about breakthroughs in treatment or hearing them identify that their life is getting just a little bit better as a result of the effort they’re putting into their therapy work is extremely gratifying and one of my biggest motivators.

2. Tell us something about yourself that most people may not know.

Most people identify as being either a dog or cat person. I’m a duck and turtle person.

3. Share a recent proud moment.

Sometimes in this line of work, we may not see instant results with our clients/patients, and wonder about our effectiveness with them. I recently had a client tell me that she was happy that God  put me into her life, and is feeling “the best I’ve felt in years.”  While I don’t take full credit for this, It’s still validating to hear a client describe their progress in such a positive manner.

4. What words of wisdom do you live by?

“Everything happens for a reason” are words of wisdom that I  live by. I enjoy those reflective moments where I can look back at parts of my life and pinpoint or put the pieces of the puzzle together and say that despite any ups and downs, it all comes together in the end.

Welcome to our growing team, Pamela and Kelly!

Animo Sano Psychiatry is open for patients in North Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, and New York. If you’d like to schedule an appointment, please contact us.

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