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A Warm Welcome to Einna Estante, Administrative Assistant

Einna Estante

Animo Sano Psychiatry team is growing. We’re excited to welcome our new Administrative Assistant, Einna Estante! We had the pleasure to talk with Einna about her life and experience and learn more about what motivated her to become a part of our team. Here’s Einna’s inspiring story.

1. What motivates you?

My biggest motivation is family. They are my biggest source of inspiration and my strongest supporters as well.

2. What words of wisdom do you live by?

The words of wisdom I live by is, “Embrace the challenges of being left behind, but never surrender the determination to catch up and surpass.” This is also my kind of motto in life.

3. Share any volunteer or charity efforts you’re involved in?

I support SOS Children’s Villages Philippines. It is a cause in providing a loving home to Filipino children who lost parental care. Their mission is to take care of the children through programs on child care and development, education and literacy, health and nutrition, youth employability and empowerment. This is also the proudest moment I’ve had. I may not know those children, but I am happy to help them to the best of my ability.

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