Depression & Anxiety

We know that your depression or anxiety can present in ways that may not always align with “typical” symptoms. We also know that with treatment these symptoms can improve. Whether your symptoms are more mild, moderate or severe, we can help direct and manage your care. 

Depression can manifest itself in ways that people may not immediately realize. Additionally, you may not understand why you are feeling the way you are which can make the experience confusing and hard to manage without professional help.  Depression can present as feelings of sadness, tiredness, hopelessness and may be accompanied by sleep disturbances, feelings of guilt, decreased energy, trouble concentrating, appetite changes, physical agitation, and suicidal ideation. To further complicate things, it is typical that people will experience more than one of these symptoms at a time. 

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Anxiety, much like depression, can also manifest itself in different ways and present itself with varying degrees of severity. Many people have heard of panic attacks which are sudden onset and intense feelings of anxiety typically accompanied by physical symptoms such as heart palpitations, sweating, shortness of breath and restlessness. But, anxiety can also be more mild but prolonged and ongoing with symptoms of nervousness, restlessness, feeling tense or tired and difficulty concentrating that can be persistent and interrupt your daily routine. 

At Animo Sano our goal is to get you feeling better and back to doing the things in your life that you find meaningful. If you feel that you may be experiencing any of these symptoms, or simply do not feel like yourself, reach out and we can help. 

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Animo Sano is here to help you navigate your emotional and mental wellbeing as a partner with you. While reaching out for help can be difficult, you don’t have to feel this way any longer. Contact Animo Sano today to speak with our team of medical professionals.

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